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Located on the heart of Italy, Umbria occupies a strategic place in the country. It borders Tuscany to the north, Marche to the east, and Lazio to the south. Tourists going to Umbria will find a lush countryside due to the tributaries of the Tiber river. There were once two lakes in the lower part of the region (i.e. Lacus Clitorius and Lacus Umber) but they were drained due to flooding issues. This has boosted the local economy, which is primarily run by the agricultural industry. Umbria isn't just a local source of delicious Italian food, it’s also home to other industries such as textiles, iron and steel, ceramics, and clothing.

Umbria's beautiful and peaceful surroundings belie its tumultuous state even before the Roman era. The Umbri who are native to the land had intermittent conflicts with the Etruscans. They also fought against the Romans, who sought to integrate them into the empire. The Umbri was defeated by the Romans, but was then given up to the Papacy. The French armies of the Revolution and Napoleon also staked a hold on Umbria. This only ended when Napoleon died, leaving Umbria at the hands of the Pope again. The reunification with Italy only occurred in 1861 the region was fully absorbed into the empire. From then on, Umbria's identity as an Italian district strengthened until the whole country can't imagine the place out of its regional territories.

Umbria, like any other province in Italy, is a typical treasure trove of enjoyable tourist attractions. Gubbio is one of them, as it features the oldest city in the region. It's filled with stunning architectural landmarks such as the Ducal Palace and the Piazza Grande. Travellers going to this part of Umbria will have to go down the road from Umbertide and Perugia. Upon reaching the central plaza, tourists can get a wonderful view of the church and the green surroundings. Gubbio is also a nice place to get truffles and shop at the ceramic stores or just sit and sip a cup of espresso for the ultimate relaxation trip.

From Gubbio, one can go down to Spoleto, located on the southern part of the region. This area is well known for Festival dei Due Mondi, a yearly summer event that celebrates local music, theatre, opera, and dance. This part of Umbria is also famous for its ancient Roman landmarks such as the amphitheatre and aqueduct, as well as the Duomo Spoleto, a church with a decorative architectural design.

Assisi, another province in Umbria, is also a must-visit destination. It's the birthplace of St. Francis, a venerated Catholic figure who gave up his riches to serve the needy. The whole city serves as a memorial for his life and deeds, especially the Basilica where he was laid to rest. Assisi is not all about the saint, however. The breath-taking art and architecture to be seen here are recognised by the UNESCO World Heritage to be a significant site for European culture.

Last but not the least is Perugia, the capital city of the region. It's one of the educational centres of the country, as it is home to the University of Perugia, University for Foreigners, and the Academy of Fine Arts. Shops and landmarks don't just cater to college students and young adults, however. Perugia is also known for its cultural events, such as the Umbria Jazz Festival that many visitors from all over Europe participate in. The city is also popular among chocolate lovers due to the large number of chocolatier shops located here.

How to get around within Umbria

Although hiring a car is an option, driving isn't amenable in Umbria due to the huge numbers of people going here. One can drive, however, if the itinerary only covers destinations going deep into the countryside. For travellers going to popular sites, moving around via buses or trains is the choice to take. This prevents from having to shell out a large amount of money for fuel costs due to the congested roads, especially in summer.

How to get to Umbria

Travellers going to Umbria will probably land on Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport in Rome. Various airlines from Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas go to this port of entry, making it convenient to plan a trip. Some of the airlines plying this route to Italy are Air Algerie, Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air China, Air Transat, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Egypt Air, Etihad Airways, Iberia, KLM, Qatar Airways, Saudia, Singapore Airlines, and TAP Portugal. 

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