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Even if it is collectively an autonomous region in Northern Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige is bilingual. The locals in Trentino province speak Italian, while those residing in the South Tyrol part or the Alto Adige province are leaning towards their German roots. Some of the small minorities scattered throughout the region speak Ladin, Mocheno, and Cimbrian, with the latter two coming from the Bavarian dialects. Don’t worry, though. These two main provinces do not clash, though it did act as a ping-pong ball, roughly played by Germany and Italy during the First and the Second World War. When Trentino was annexed to Italy, while the Germans in the Alto Adige province were given the option to relocate to Germany, however, majority of them returned to their homeland after the war. This eventually resulted to the two provinces completely being part of Italy. The region is not entirely divided, but a rather encompassed culture that has learned to embrace differences. Geographically speaking, it is best known for its beautiful peaks, having been bordered with Austria and Switzerland. The most majestic of them all is the Brenta Dolomites. To find out more about it, you have to go and see for yourself.

The Brenta Dolomites in Trento is similar to that of a rocky island with its sheer cliffs, tricky ascents, and majestic peaks. It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for offering exceptional experience for skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, climbing, snowshoeing, and trekking. This makes Trento a perfect starting point for winter sports enthusiasts. Cyclers can also take delight and play as they may in the city’s 400km stretch of paved cycling paths laid out just for them.

Trento also has its fair share in history as the place where the Ecumenical Council convened. Now, present-day Trento is a bit of an upmarket town, considered as one of the most expensive towns in Italy. Here, you can visit the Buonconsiglio Castle, an impressive castle that served as the residence of local bishops. Its most prominent feature is the renowned Torre Aguila. You should also not miss the Trento Cathedral, which is notable for its fine Romanesque architecture style. Inside, you will find the tomb of Roberto Sanseverino worthy of attention.

The largest city in the region, Bolzano is famous worldwide for its archaeology museum as the home of the famous alpine iceman, Ötzi. Interestingly, almost the entire museum looks like it is being given over to Ötzi, preserved in a Copper Age mummy form. Kept in a temperature-controlled igloo room, Ötzi can be viewed through a small window and if your eyesight is crystal clear, you can make out the visible tattoos on his legs.

How to get around within Trentino-Alto Adige

To get around small cities such as Trento and Bolzano, the best way to do so is by foot. You can rent a bike in Trento should you wish to explore the city by wheels. In Bolzano however, you can opt to take the bus, train, or cableway. Generally, there are 17 bus lines in Bolzano, with three of them operating during night-time. If you will opt to take the bus, you can buy its value card which you can also use on all types of transport system in South Tyrol’s interurban buses, cableways, and SAD System.

How to get to Trentino-Alto Adige

To get into the Trentino-Alto Adige region, you have to land in the Bolzano Airport (Italian: Aeroporto di Bolzano-Dolomiti, German: Flughafen Bozen-Dolomiten). It is being served by airlines such as Alitalia and Darwin Airline, which flies from its destination in Rome. Occasionally, charter flights especially during winter season are serviced by Lauda Air from England, which is operated by Inghams. In addition, Bolzano Airport is planning other scheduled flights from other major hubs in Europe, such as Frankfurt am Main and Vienna, but no specific timeline for the said development has been determined. 

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