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Officially known as the Kingdom of Swaziland, Swaziland is also called as kaNgwane or Eswatini. Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in Africa, and it is a sovereign state that is located in Southern Africa, which is landlocked by Mozambique to the east and by South Africa everywhere else. Swaziland is divided into four administrative districts, namely Hhohho in the northwest, Lubombo in the east, Manzini in the central-west, and Shiselweni in the south. Swaziland is one of the last absolute monarchies in the world and one of the oldest in Africa, currently under the rule of King Mswati III. Though a small country, it contains several game parks and reserves, which are its main tourist attractions.

Malolotja Nature Reserve - this place is an adventurer's dream place as there are lots of outdoor activities and sights to encounter. Nearby the park, the country's second highest mountain, Ngwenya Mountain is located here and it stands at 1829 metres. The area also has Swaziland's highest falls, which is called the Malolotja Falls, dropping at 90 meters. Recently it has also been declared as a Transfrontier Park with Songimvelo in neighbouring South Africa. Malolotja is an excellent walking destination, where there is around 200km of hiking trails, and an ornithologist’s paradise, with over 280 species of birds, including several rare species. Travellers are also drawn here because of the various antelope species that make Malolotja their home, as well as herds of zebras, elands and wildebeest.

Hlane Royal National Park - the word ‘Hlane’ in Swazi language means 'wilderness'. This place used to be a private royal hunting ground, but being Hlane Royal National Park, it is now open to the public and is also the country's largest park. This national park is home to white rhinos, elephants, and lions that are all in a very secure protected area, along with impalas, zebras, wildebeest, as well as other mammals. There is also a wide variety of bird species here. Swaziland is abundant in wildlife and that is why it is one of the most visited areas in South Africa. It also contains the highest density of nesting white-backed vultures in the continent.

Mlawula Nature Reserve - Just like the other reserves in Swaziland, travellers flock here for the Lubombo Mountains, which boasts of antelope species and hyenas, and a rewarding bird watching program. Travellers can bring bikes or rent mountain bikes to ride them along the vicinity of the reserve. Those who prefer walking can do so along plateaus, or to caves and a waterfall, which is quite popular here.

Incwala Kingship - the Incwala Kingship or also known as The Festival of the First Fruits, is a religious ritual in Swaziland that takes place in the latter half of December to January. Its purpose is to unite locals, bringing effort to bring each other together to gain their ancestors' blessings. This annual ceremony lasts for eight weeks, and can only take place when there is a king present. In case there is no current king, the ritual will not push through.

How to get around within Swaziland

Travellers who are curious as to what method of transportation can be used in Swaziland can rely on the main options for travelling which is by car or minibus. Just like in most countries, Swaziland has a couple of a car rental office options that are stationed at the airport. Minibuses are actually small vans and in Swaziland, they are referred to as kombis. How kombis work is that drivers fill the vehicle with passengers before making a trip, there are designated assistants that will collect fare before they set out towards specific destination. Travellers won’t have a hard time spotting where these kombis are headed as their routes and destination are written on the front bumpers. The fare however, is not consistent and will depend on where you boarded and where you'll get off. These kombis are very convenient and basically function like a bus. Kombis an also be hailed from the side of the road. Aside from kombis, there are also a few taxis available for travellers to us.

How to get there

For those who wish to visit Swaziland, travellers can access this destination by booking flights using Skyscanner via Matsapha Airport, which is the country's sole fully operational international airport. It is situated 1km outside of Manzini and it connects Swaziland to Johannesburg with Airlink and Swaziland Airlink. 

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