Cheap Flights to Sudan

Sudan or officially known as the Republic of the Sudan, is an Arab republic that is located in the Nile Valley of North Africa. Sudan is bordered by Egypt to the north, the Red Sea, Eritrea and Ethiopia to the east, South Sudan to the south, the Central African Republic to the southwest, Chad to the west, and Libya to the northwest. Sudan is also known as the third largest country in Africa. Sudan is divided by the Nile River into eastern and western halves. Islam is the predominant religion in Sudan.

Sudan is known to be the home to numerous ancient civilisations according to history, namely the Kingdom of Kush, Kerma, Nobatia, Alodia, Makuria, and Meroë. Most of these kingdoms owe their development for their location in the Nile River.

Begrawiya - This royal cemetery is considered as a must-see in Sudan. This place contains some of the tombs' antechambers contain that contain well-preserved hieroglyphics. Travellers will be in awe as there are about 100 pyramids in this location. These pyramids are missing their tops, because a 19th-century Italian archaeologist thought treasures might be contained within them. The archaeologist merely chopped the tops off in the end he succeeded as there were indeed treasures hidden within the pyramid tops.

National Museum - Located in Khartoum, this museum is considered the best in Sudan for its outstanding exhibits. The ground floor museum focuses on the rise and fall of the kingdoms of Kerma, Kush, and Meroe. There are also some stunning royal statues and perfectly preserved 3500-year-old artefacts from Kerma, while the upper floor contains many medieval Christian frescoes removed from the ruined churches of Old Dongola and elsewhere. Outside the museum, visitors can see some temples rescued, Abu Simbel–style, from the rising waters of Lake Nasser.

Naqa & Musawarat – These are the two Meroitic sites that lie in a desert that is 35km off the highway southeast of Shendi. They are about the same distance from one another. Naqa is a large, well-preserved temple of Amun dating from the first century. It is also a temple that was dedicated to the lion-headed god Apedemak, and has carvings depicting the temple’s creators, King Natakamani and Queen Amanitore. The purpose of the place remains unclear since it was mentioned that the area has been inhabited. Same as with the Naqa temple, the Musawarat is the largest Meroitic temple complex in Sudan. Its purpose is also unclear.

How to get around within Sudan

For travellers who are wondering how to go around Sudan, there is a main railway system called the Sudan Railways which was operated by the government-owned Sudan Railways Corporation (SRC). This provided services to most of the country's production and consumption centres. There is another line which is called the Gezira Light Railway. This rail was owned by the Sudan Gezira Board and served the Gezira Scheme and its Manaqil Extension.

How to get there

In order to get to Sudan, travellers should book their flights going to Khartoum International Airport. Travellers should also take note that this airport will be replaced by a new one which is 40km from the centre of Khartoum. Skyscanner offers cheap flights from airlines that operate from this airport such as EgypAir, Emirates, flydubai, Sudan Airways, and Turkish Airlines.   

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