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Although not as popular as Paris, London, and Rome, the cities of Saxony can hold its own in terms of architecture, culture, and historical influence. This German state has more than 500 museums and famous attractions that prominently represent the country. Travellers will find plenty to love on their trip to Saxony as they go around to look at the wonders of each city. One will also learn about the history of the region that used to be among the most powerful in Europe for over 2,000 years before its popularity declined in the years of the Iron Curtain.

Travellers will also find rich natural surroundings in Saxony. The region of today is largely composed of hills and mountains with the plain only extending around Leipzig in the northwest. More than half the land here is dedicated to farming with the forest claiming only one-fourth of the area. This partly makes the climate in Saxony temperate, although it can get very cold in the mountains.

What to see & do

Tourists going to Saxony will need more than a week to explore and appreciate the beauty of the state. One should spend at least two to three days just going around to see the fascinating landmarks. Those strapped for time, on the other hand, can tour the most popular cities in the area.

One can start with Dresden, its capital, where one will see the Elbe river with the fascinating spires and other structures. Palaces, churches, and stately buildings make up the urban sights here. Those interested in contemporary art can tour around various galleries where one can buy a beautiful painting. Dresden at night is also interesting to see, with the jazz bands playing late. Tourists going in May to this city will experience the International Dixieland Festival when enthusiasts would flock to Dresden and celebrate with music.

Miessen, a bit to the west of Dresden, is also a fine place to visit. The area is famous for porcelain, which was first discovered in the western hemisphere in 1708 by court alchemist Johann Friedrich Böttger. This enabled the city to create large collections of wares featured in the Meissen factory and the Dresden Zwinger. One will have fun browsing the intricate porcelain figures and find it difficult to choose a set. Dresden dolls are also made here, which are like miniature works of art meant for beautiful displays.

Seeing Leipzig for the first time can also be a revelation for tourists. Its long trade fair tradition is not the only thing that makes this city famous; it also has a rich musical and cultural scene. Greats such as Bach have transformed the musical landscape not just for Saxony, but also for the rest of Europe. Fans of Goethe's 'Faust' will also find this place fascinating, especially when one hears a reading of the play.

History buffs will also look forward to visiting this city due to its efforts to bring down the Berlin Wall and end the Cold War in Europe in the late 1980s. Car enthusiasts will also be excited to hear that the BMWs also figure in a great deal for the economy of the city.

How to get around within Saxony

Visitors to the region will find it easy to visit various sites. Saxony features an extensive transportation system made up with a network of buses and coaches. Trains also make inter-city travel convenient due to its speed and comfortable facilities. The rail network connects to other train lines in the country making a trip from Frankfurt to Dresden via train an easy experience.

Roads are also accessible in the region, with Dresden connected to major cities in Germany and some parts of Europe. Taxis are also present in Saxony with many congregating around the local attractions.

How to get there

Travellers going to Saxony can board flights to Dresden Airport. Some of the airlines serving here are: Aeroflot, Air Berlin, Air VIA, Bulgarian Air Charter, CityJet, easyJet Switzerland, Etihad Regional, Germanwings, Lufthansa, Utair Aviation, and Yakutia Airlines.

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