Cheap Flights to Martinique

An understated mix of French and Gallic influences, the island of Martinique presents itself as a minor beauty in the Caribbean seas, and yet, it is brimming with destinations worth the number one spot for tourists and travellers from around the world. As an overseas region of France, the island is one of the five Windward islands, apart from Dominica (Leeward Islands), Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada. It is also one of the 27 regions of France which form an integral part of the French economy – the island being a popular tourist destination from around the world. Its prefecture, Fort-de-France, is considered its capital, all contained in an area of 436 square miles.

Getting to know the island is like learning about your dream honeymoon destination. A remote yet developed island positioned in the Caribbean, what it lacks in size it fills in with beauty, and what it lacks in modernity it fills with serenity and sheer magnificence. The island has beautiful coasts, cosy cabanas and villas, and of course, the ambiance that soothes as well as inflames the soul.

Sainte-Anne – A village community in Martinique, Sainte-Anne boasts of a beautiful white sand beach adorned with pristine aquamarine waters. Aside from the coast, it also has a unique community of French-Gallic peoples interacting with tourists and showing hospitality through good food, good music, and good cultural performances. For travellers wishing to stay in the area for more than a week, there are many hotels and villas of choice available, depending on your budget.

Grand-Riviere – In contrast, the Grand-Riviere is a black sand beach situated in the Northern tip of Martinique. Though not as picturesque as Sainte-Anne, it is quite a destination for seafood lovers as this sleepy and small fishing village has Creole restaurants that serve fresh seafood just by the waterfront.

Caravelle Peninsula – Travellers who enjoy nature trips and historical education will surely enjoy this peninsula at the Eastern part of Martinique. There are nature trails through the mangrove forest with views over the rugged Eastern coastline, while the ruins of the Chateau Dubuc can be seen near the entrance.

Other destinations like the Diamond Rock, the Ajoupa-Bouillon, the Route de la Terace, and the Musee de la Pagerie can also be visited.

How to get around within Martinique

The main mode of transportation in Martinique is through buses. The buses offer shared rides to and from the city center to Saint Pierre, although travellers should check the bus schedules to learn as to what time to spot a bus or if tickets need to be reserved ahead. The road network is also well-developed and extensive, with freeways in the area around Fort-de-France. The capital also serves as a harbour for those who want to travel from island to island, with regular ferry services to Guadalupe, Dominica, St. Lucia, Les Saintes, and Marie Galante. Several local ferries also travel between Fort-de-France and Pointe de Bout.

How to get there

To get to Martinique the busiest and the only airport is the Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport. There are a handful of direct flights in and out of the city and the island itself, but the airport is only directly available to surrounding islands, select European destinations, and select US ports so visitors from other areas aside from the mentioned are advised – if not required – to schedule connecting flights and other means, to Martinique's mother country, France, before having a flight to the area. Tickets for direct flights and flights with connections can be booked through Skyscanner. Skyscanner is an online source of the cheapest flights with over 600 airlines to choose from. 

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