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Melilla is a Spanish autonomous region located on the North coast of Africa, sharing a border with Morocco with an area of 12.3 square kilometres. Along with Ceuta, the two comprise the permanently inhabited Spanish cities and regions in mainland Africa, and was a free port before Spain joined the European Union. As of 2011, it has a population of 78,746 predominantly ethnic Spaniards, with Spanish being the region's official language. Although officially under the Spanish regime with an autonomous status, the country of Morocco claims the state as its own, opting to call it as an “occupied territory.”

The city is a strategic territory facing the Mediterranean Sea, and upon crossing the water border, one may reach the European continent through Spain. In lieu of the Statute of Autonomy in 1995, the city has held local elections for its 25-seat legislature every four years. The leader of the Assembly is called the Mayor-President. The city is subdivided into eight districts, which are further subdivided into barrios or neighbourhoods.

What to see & do

Palacio de Asamblea – a working and operating town hall found in the city, the Palacio de Asamblea is as functional as it is beautiful – its art-deco design depicting a ducal crown; its facade a remembrance of Barcelona. Although the staff works day jobs regularly, they are more willing to tour the visitors of this government house upon request. Check on the Salon Dorado, wherein a large painting of the arrival of Spaniards in Melilla in 1497 is depicted, and the Sala de Plenos, where the local congress meets.

The coastline of Melilla – Melilla is a rather cheaper way of enjoying the Mediterranean Sea. Blessed with red-brown shores facing the beautiful cobalt blue seas, Melilla's beaches are diverting and quite enjoyable, especially when the heat is stifling and the city becomes too much.

Museo Militar – discover the grand sweep of historical drama in this museum filled with military memorabilia from the olden days of Melilla as a Spanish protectorate. Check on the antique photographs room where biplanes, legionnaires, and Berber horsemen all fused into a dreamy adventure novel, while martial music plays in the background – creating a great and almost perfect scenario.

Las Cuevas del Conventico – these extensive and well-restored caves were used as a refuge during feuds, popping out at a small beach bellow the cliffs – but today, it stands as one of the more famous destinations in Mellila. The Calle de La Concepcion continues up to the baroque Iglesia de la Purisima Concepcion, and below it the entrance to the caves. All the tunnels and caves lead to the cliff face.

How to get around within Mellila

Local buses run routes around the city centre up until the border of Morocco and Mellila. Ferry services are also available if going to the Mediterranean.

How to get there

Melilla Airport is an airport located four kilometres South-west Melilla, and is the main airport serving the region. The airport is found near the border of the city and Morocco, and is served by Air Europa, Iberia, and Melilla Airlines. If flying to Melilla, cheap flights can be booked via Skyscanner. Skyscanner is an online resource of the cheapest flights from over 600 airlines worldwide.

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