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Galicia is an autonomous community in northwest Spain. It has the official status of a historic nationality. Galicia comprises of the following provinces: A Coruña, Lugo, Ourense and Pontevedra. The largest city is La Coruña, and the political capital is Santiago de Compostela. The food in Galicia includes the best seafood in Spain, and offers a wide range of products made from pork.
What to see & do
Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park - Parque Nacional das Illas Atlánticas de Galicia comprises of the archipelagos of Cíes, Ons, Sálvora and Cortegada. It covers a total land area of 1,200 hectares and a sea area of 7,200 hectares. It is the only national park in Galicia, and the tenth-most visited national park in the country. The park has a laurel forest, over 200 species of seaweed, and has interesting shellfish, corals, and anemones. 
Santiago de Compostela Cathedral - Catedral de Santiago de Compostela is a cathedral of the archdiocese in Santiago de Compostela. It is said to be the burial place of one of the apostles of Jesus Christ, specifically Saint James the Great. The beautiful cathedral is a Romanesque structure with additions of Gothic and Baroque style. The cathedral has been a place of pilgrimage on the Way of St. James.
As Catedrais beach - As Catedrais beach, or Beach of the Cathedrals, is a beach in the Ribadeo municipality, on the Cantabric coast. It is also called Praia de Augas Santas, or Beach of the Holy Waters. The beach is known for its natural arches and caves, but these can only be seen during low tide. The beach is small, but swimming is possible. When the low tide is lower than the usual, visitors can also access the nearby beaches through sand extension. Make sure to return to the beach before the water starts coming up.
Museum of Contemporary Art, Vigo - The Museo de Arte Contemporánea de Vigo, abbreviated MARCO, is an art museum in Vigo with no permanent collection. The museum displays changing exhibitions of contemporary art.
How to get around
The Renfe Operadora, or RENFE, operates trains that connect Santiago de Compostela to all the major cities not only in the region or in Spain, but also in Portugal. Several bus companies run throughout and outside of Galicia. Acquaint yourself with the bus lines' many routes and combinations at the local bus stations, found in every city and town. The roads in Galicia are good enough for driving if you want to rent a car. This option is inexpensive and will allow you more flexibility in terms of destinations and time.
How to get there
There are three international airports in Galicia: A Coruña Airport, Vigo–Peinador Airport, and Santiago de Compostela Airport. A Coruña Airport has domestic connections to Madrid operated by Air Europia, and Iberia, which also operates flights from Paris. TAP Portugal connects the region to Lisbon, while Vueling connects to Barcelona, Bilbao, London, and Seville. Vigo–Peinador Airport is served by Air Europea, Air France, Iberia, and Vueling, with flights to and from Madrid, Paris, Bilbao, and Barcelona as well. In addition to those cities, Santiago de Compostela Airport connects to Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, Geneva, Hahn, Palma de Mallorca, and Istanbul.

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