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Bermuda, also referred to as the Bermudas or Somers Isles, is another British Overseas Territory found in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the east coast of the United States. The nearest landmass to the island is Cape Hatteras in North Carolina to the West-Northwest, Cape Sable Island in Nova Scotia to the south, and Miami in Florida to the Northeast.

The hook-shaped territory was first discovered in 1503 by Spanish sea captain Juan de Bermudez, to whom it owes its name. Claiming it for the Spanish Empire, Bermudez never landed on the islands due to the fact that the surrounding reefs are dangerous to ships back then. It was the in 1609 when the English Virginia Company established a settlement here, until the Somers Isles Company succeeded them in 1614, thereafter becoming a British colony following the 1707 unification of the parliaments of Scotland and England, creating the Kingdom of Great Britain. When Newfoundland became a part of Canada, the territory of Bermuda was named as the oldest British Overseas Territory, the oldest continuously inhabited territory in the New World, and the most populous British Overseas Territory after Hong Kong's return to China. The territory's first capital, St. George's, is the oldest continuously inhabited English town in the New World. Today, Bermuda's economy is based on offshore insurance and reinsurance, and tourism. These are two of the largest economic sectors in the country, which even earned them one of the world's highest GDP per capita record in the 20th century, although recently global recession has affected the country's stand.

Moreover, the country has a sub-tropical climate, and has been famed for being the centre of the “Bermuda Triangle,” a danger zone where according to legend, a number of aircraft and surface vessels have disappeared under supposedly unexplained and mysterious circumstances. Factually though, the territory sits in the hurricane belt and is prone to severe weather, which explains the claims.

Tourism-wise, the territory is one of the best of its kind, that even the littérateur Mark Twain says, “You go to heaven if you want – I'd rather stay here in Bermuda.”

What to see & do

St. George's Parish – this parish simply embodies Bermuda's colonial past like no other in the island. It is the centerpiece of Bermuda's easternmost parish, nestled in the historic town of St. George – the perfect setting for everything colonial and historical.

St. George – period charm and old world aura – that's what St. George is all about. Some of the oldest buildings have been set aside in the town as museums, but others continue to function as meeting places, shops, and even places of worship. Beautiful, serene, and picturesque, the old capital has so much to instill to its visitors.

St. David's Island – although often overlooked, St. David's Island offers the best of Bermuda in multiple dimensions. Visitors to this island tucked into the east will get a view of a more timeless, unruffled, and unchanged character – a more pristine look at a Bermudian communities. Pastel buildings here and there create a picturesque scene in the afternoon light, while hibiscus dots red and coral around the villages.

Tucker's Town – found in the Southwestern side of Castle Harbour, Tucker's Town is probably one of the most exclusive corners of Bermuda, filled with members of the Mid Ocean Club, which boasts Bermuda's top-rated golf course and resort. It is a posh dimension to the rather old word Bermuda, and is one of the reasons why high-profile travellers fly to the area.

How to get around withing Bermuda

The islands benefit from an excellent and frequent bus service that connects all parts of the island to Hamilton, Bermuda's administrative centre. Taxicabs are also suggested as another way of travelling around the islands, and are available at taxi stands. Passenger ferries, as well as bicycles and mopeds are all available, but rental cars have been banned for tourists to rent.

How to get there

The Bermuda International Airport is the main international airport serving the territory. It is well connected to various cities in the US, as well as other Canadian cities. There are daily flight services from Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Newark, New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington, as well as from London in England. Other cities serve the destination as well, although not on a regular basis. For the cheapest flights, visit the ever-reliable online resource, Skyscanner. Skyscanner can be accessed through the web via, or download the free Skyscanner app available from various platforms.

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