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Baden-Wurttemberg is a state of Germany located in the southwest, east of the Upper Rhine. It is Germany's third largest state in terms of total land area and population, with an area of over 35,000 square kilometres and 10.7 million inhabitants. The state's capital and largest city is Stuttgart, one of Germany's most important cities. Historically, the state formed part of the Prussian Hohenzollern (Baden), and Swabia (Wurttemberg). Today, it shares borders with France, Switzerland, and several other German states, including Rhineland Palatinate, Hessen, and Bavaria.
Although Baden-Wurttemberg has relatively few natural resources compared to the other regions of Germany, the state is actually one of the more prosperous and wealthiest regions in the country. It has a generally low unemployment rate, and a number of well-known enterprises are headquartered here. Moreover, the tourism sector in the region is becoming more and more popular by the year, due to the fact that it has plenty of destinations to discover.
What to see & do
Heidelberg Castle – The Heidelberg Castle is a famous ruin in Germany and a landmark for Heidelberg. It is among the most important Renaissance structures north of the Alps, and is located in the Baden-Wurttemberg region. 
Stuttgart –Stuttgart offers quite a stark contrast: pulsing industrial energy emitted by locals who live amongst the most beautiful and architecturally soft buildings, driving cars fast to the restaurants that are oh-so-fancy, and of course, proving that in all of Germany, there is no place like Stuttgart. When visiting Stuttgart, do not miss on the Stuttgarter Weinwanderweg, the Altes Schloss, the Bohnenviertel, and the Konigstrasse. 
Landesmuseum Wurttemberg – The Landesmuseum Wurttemberg is the main historical museum of the Wurttemberg part of the German state of Baden-Wurttemburg. It emerged from the 16th-century “Kunstkammer” or art chamber of the dukes, later of kings, who resided in Stuttgart. It was formally founded as a museum by King William I in 1869. The museum presents its exhibits through three divisions namely archaeology (tackling extensive treasures from the Palaeolithic era down to the early Middle Ages), history of art and cultural history, and folklore (containing exhibitions on labour, belief, piety, graphic design, clothing, merchandise, and culture of living).  Stand-out pieces in the museum include “Jesus on a donkey” (14th century), a Neolithic wooden bucket (3700 BC), a turricephalus of a 30-40 year old Alemannic woman (sixth century), and the Wurttemberg crown (originally created in 1797 but with further modifications).
Castle Solitude – Built as a hunting lodge between 1764 and 1769, the Castle Solitude was created under Duke Karl Eugen of Wurttemberg, although it is not a true “castle”. It is more of a rococo palace located on a high plain between the towns of Leonberg, Gerlingen, and Stuttgart, offering views to the north over Weilimdorf, Korntal, and Ludwisburg.
How to get around within Baden-Wurttemberg
Baden-Wurttemberg is gifted with an excellent rail network, serving even a few remote areas. Buses also has an extensive network here, although much has been running in the city centres and fewer travel to the rural areas. If not keen on public transport, travellers may also opt to drive – although be careful as some locals drive really fast.
How to get there
Stuttgart Airport is the main international Airport of Baden-Wurttemberg. Airlines that travel to the destination include Aeroflot, Air Cairo, Air France, Austrian Airlines, Iberia Express, KLM, Eurolot, and many others. The airport has four active terminals as of the moment.

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