Cheap flights from St. Pierre and Miquelon

When one thinks of France, the country that comes to mind is the one in Europe. There are other territories, however, which embody the culture of the French, such as Saint-Pierre and Miquelon. Located just below the island of Newfoundland in Canada, this country was discovered by the Europeans in 1520 by Portuguese explorer João Álvares Fagundes. The land was then claimed by the French, but was harassed by the British fighting over the New World. Conflict continued to occur even after the 1763 Treaty of Paris, which officially ceded the land of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon to France.


Peace only came back to the island after the 1814 Treaty of Paris. France reclaimed the islands and developed it with the help of settlers such as the Basques, Bretons, and Normans. Other people from Newfoundland also joined the settlement, which gradually brought prosperity to the island starting in the middle of the 19th century.  


Where to go

Travellers going to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon will find a thriving city and a beautiful countryside on this side of North America. One can start walking around the city centre of Saint-Pierre where one will find the cathedral. Rebuilt between 1905 and 1907, the church is designed in the Basque style with upper galleries and stained-glass windows. Renovations followed through the years with the windows said to be a gift from General Charles de Gaulle in 1967 were installed, including the steeple made from sandstone imported from France and rhyolite from Saint-Pierre.


After appreciating the architecture, one can go around the museums of the island such as the Musée Héritage. It features a wide range of religious and medical artefacts, as well as an excellent exhibit about the Prohibition era. There is also the variety of displays in Musée de l’Arche to see. Tourists going here will learn a lot about the history and culture of the islands and get to view the famous guillotine used on the 1889 execution in the island. One will also be intrigued to find out that this instance was the first and only time the guillotine was used in North America. 


There is also the Les Salines Fishing Stations that tourists can visit and where they can find out how the fishing industry strengthened the economy of the country in its early years. Those going here will find massive fishing equipment, as well as other features that eloquently describe the economy of the city. 


Those interested to see more of the mainland can venture to Canada, one of the most liberal countries at

present. Apart from its famous cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary which continue to top the list of the world's best cities, there are other sights waiting for travellers.


There is the Place d'Armes that featurse some of the finest buildings in the old part of Montréal. The sites are fascinating to behold not only because of their architectural beauty, but also their age. From there, one can venture to the Signal Hill National Historical site where the last North American battle of the Seven Years' War between Great Britain and France took place. Lastly is the Churchill Polar Bears, where the beautiful deadly creatures glide on big blocks of ice and swim the icy waters for food. This can easily be the most exciting part of the trip, especially for those who love the creatures. 


Travellers with the freedom to explore the world can visit Algeria, the largest country in Africa. Many awe-inspiring sights await here, such as the Catholic basilica which features neo-Byzantine design. The architecture is matched only with the fine sea and city views. Assekrem, a famous destination in the country, is also a place to add to the possible destinations. One can explore here Ahaggar National Park and Charles de Foucauld's hermitage, two of the beautiful sights in Algeria. 


How to get out

Tourists going out of the country can leave from Saint-Pierre Airport, which is served only by one airline.  One can board a plane here that connects to various ports of entry in Halifax, Montreal, and St. John's in Canada. From there, tourists will have to catch a series of flights leading to their destination.

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