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Located north of New Zealand and east of Australia lies a small island country called Norfolk Island. Formed out of an eroded basaltic volcano, the island's land became rich and suitable for farming. Few, however, came to live in the island due to its remote position on the South Pacific Ocean. Eastern Polynesians first settled here in the 14th to 15th century, but they soon died out or migrated to other islands. This has made the island attractive for the British who sought to find out more about the Pacific islands. Capt. James Cook found the island in 1774, and named it after Mary Howard, Duchess of Norfolk.

The British officially claimed Norfolk Island in 1778, and used it as a penal colony for people deported from the United Kingdom and Australia. The prisoners, however, often served convictions from hasty judgment, while only 15% of the 6,458 convicts were given a reprieve from a death sentence. This had not prevented others from migrating to the island. In 1856, Tahitians and former citizens of Pitcairn islands came to settle here and develop the farming and whaling industries. This has boosted the economy of the island in the 19th century, with support coming from the Australian government in 1901.

Due to Norfolk Island's isolation, travellers coming here will see a beautiful island unspoilt by the negative effects of modern civilisation. This makes hiking and nature activities enjoyable for those going on a relaxing getaway from the city. Hiking is especially popular, especially a climb up Mount Pitt where hikers can view a wide panorama of the whole island. Tourists on a nature trip will have fun looking at various endemic plant species such as the Smooth Tree-fern, the tallest of its kind in the world.

Different types of cultural activities are also popular in the island. Travellers can experience traditional weaving and hat-making at the Golden Orb Book shop and cafe. Cottage pottery demonstrations are also available in some shops in the area. For those who want to learn more about the history of Norfolk Island, there are museum tours to participate in. One can either go to the Sirius Museum to see the artefacts from the first fleet that explored the island, while others can visit the convict ruins at Kingston, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Travellers looking to explore other countries in the area can visit Australia and New Zealand, which are both Commonwealth countries. In the land of the Aussies, one can visit Sydney, one of its well-known metropolitan centres. There, tourists can go the Wildlife Zoo to see koala bears and cuddle up to the tame ones. There are also kangaroos, Tasmanian devils, and other species to be found here, making the zoo a popular destination for families and those who want to learn more about the native species of the country. Others can go to Sydney Opera House, one of the most iconic buildings in the country. This establishment is host to various performances, which makes a night out here an enjoyable treat.

Those looking for more wildlife encounters can do so in New Zealand. Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, a nature reserve in Wellington, lets visitors get to see rare birds, insects, and reptiles native to the country. After finishing a tour of the sanctuary, hiking tours can be arranged to see more of the natural beauty New Zealand is well known for.

Long-distance travel is also possible from Norfolk Island through connecting flights to major travel areas in the world. One of them is Spain, where tourists can go to Granada and see signs of its Muslim heritage. The Alhambra Moorish fortress, for instance, will let visitors have a glimpse of Muslim determination to hold out against the Christians for hundreds of years. There's also the Cathedral to view for its finely made architecture to be followed by relaxation in the park dedicated to Federico Garcia Lorca, one of Spain's premier literary artists.

Another country to visit is Canada, which is famous for its cities that perennially top the list of best places to live in. Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary are wonderful cities to tour due to its wide range of amenities. The vibe there is also welcoming for people from different nationalities and sexual orientation, making them veritable melting pots to discover.

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Travellers leaving the island will find it convenient to visit other countries. Norfolk Island Airport offers flights going to New Zealand and Australia, where one can board long-haul international flights. For those going on short-haul travel to other Pacific Islands, flights leaving for Noumea are available via Air Caledonie.  

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