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Located in the Pacific Ocean in the region of Micronesia is a group of islands collectively called the Northern Mariana Islands. Those going here will find historic sights, flame trees, turquoise waters, and white sands. Made for exploring and diving, this part of the world features a secluded yet terrific natural wonder that is not to miss when visiting the area.

The small country, officially known as the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, is one of the five inhabited insular territories of the United States. It consists of 15 islands, with a sparse population concentrating only in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. One reason for this is the almost miniature sizes of some of the isles and their distance from the main islands. Tourists especially delighted with deserted islands, however, will enjoy the trips going to this hidden part of the Pacific.

Where to go

Called America's Best Kept Secret, Northern Mariana Islands features a number of striking destinations. Saipan, the largest of the isles, is formed by a rising coral reef that made it a tropical paradise. There is Namagaha Island to explore, where the clear waters of the lagoon allow for great snorkelling and watersports. There is also the spacious Grotto rated as one of the top scuba diving destinations in the Pacific. From here, tourists can move on to historic spots such as the Last Command Post of the Japanese Imperial Army, where they tragically leapt to their deaths at their defeat in the World War II. After checking out the sobering location, tourists can move to the old Japanese Jail where Amelia Earhart was thought to be held captive.

Tinian, the closest island to Saipan, is also home to numerous delights. One of them is Micronesia's only full-scale international gaming casino. This opulent, marble-lined resort house allows tourists to enjoy luxury accommodations and other amenities. After a few rounds of roulette, tourists can check out other sights like the Taga Stones, prehistoric stone monoliths. There are also the runways and the loading docks that put the atom bombs aboard the Enola Gay that eventually bombed the end of World War II. Abandoned Shinto shrines, cannons in caves, and jungle ruins also hark back to the coast of the island, where some Japanese used to market refined sugar and rum before and during World War II.

Busan in South Korea, about four hours away, is one of the best places to be when one wants to check out destinations away from the capital. It is a thriving port town with plenty to offer, from casual tent bars to chic designer cafes. The fish markets cater to different tastes in the city, allowing for various gastronomic delights such as a hot bowl of gukbap (flavoured soup and rice), tangsuyuk pork (free from cloying sweet-and-sour sauce), and gogeup yachae bokkeum (braised vegetables that pack a punch).

After going around the city, tourists can move to the natural sights such as Geumjeong Mountain. Hikers can climb up trails that climb along the sides of the mountain. One will find at the top a long stone wall with four gates that used to be the Geumjeong Fortress. From here, tourists can check out Beomeo-Sa, a magnificent temple with beautiful architecture set against a fine mountain backdrop. It can be found near the trails going across to Geumjeongsan.

American Samoa, an underrated destination, is another place to look forward to for ecotourism. A trip here can be fun due to the island country's peaceful bays, mountain ridges, and uncluttered beaches. When exploring, tourists can check out the Manu'a Islands, which lies east of Tutuila. It features Ofu, Olosega, and Ta'u, where one can find sheltered seabird colonies, volcanic cones, and deserted beaches that make a truly relaxing place to stop and unwind.

Others checking out the countryside can go all the way to the Rainmaker Mountain. A drive up here will allow one to encounter tropical vegetation on the slopes and get close-up views of the surrounding countryside. There is also the Fagatogo Market to visit, where one can mingle with the locals and browse among the food stalls and produce sections.

How to get out

Those who want to visit other parts of the world from Northern Mariana Islands can check out of Saipan International Airport. Airlines serving here include Aeroflot, Asiana Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Dynamic Airways, Jeju Air, Sichuan Airlines, United Express, and Yakutia Airlines.

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