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Eritrea, one of the off-the-beaten-track destinations in the Horn of Africa, makes a fascinating place to discover. It has a rich variety of colonial landmarks in some of its cities with archaeological sites in the south. The change of scene to simpler landscapes is just as evocative as the effect of safari trips and African cultural heritage in the more popular countries of the continent.

Despite its border conflict with long-time enemy Ethiopia, the country of Eritrea is still a remarkably stable and peaceful area to explore. This makes the area even more enticing to consider, especially after one resolves security concerns when venturing to different parts of the country away from the conflict areas. This can turn out to be a fun adventure, especially for savvy tourists who want to see more of the region around the Horn of Africa.

Where to go

Asmara, the capital of Eritrea, feels like an Italian town in the middle of Africa. Its pavement cafes with vintage Italian coffee equipment, pizza parlours, and pastry shops serve as a warm and pleasing backdrop to the architectural wonders from the Italian colonial era. One of the landmarks to view here is the Former Governor's Palace, which stands magnificently at the western end of Harnet Ave. It was built in 1897 by the first Italian governor and was used by Haile Selassie when the Ethiopians were in power. From here, tourists can visit the National Museum, where one can learn about the different ethnic groups of the country. There is also the Enda Mariam Orthodox Cathedral, which features a blend of Italian and Eritrean architecture. One can then marvel at the Opera House, one of the capital's most elegant buildings established in the early 20th century.

Massawa, lying about 100 kilometres to the east of Asmara, features widely different scenery with its low whitewashed buildings, porticoes, and arcades. St Mariam Cathedral is a fascinating landmark to see with its Art Deco style combined with Moorish arcades and huge balconies. Opposite this building is a large monument to the Eritrean Struggle for Independence, where three huge tanks were preserved to remember the final assault on the town in 1990. Sheikh Hanafi Mosque, one of the oldest surviving structures in the city, is also a landmark to visit with its walls decorated with stuccowork. There is also an ornate chandelier from the glassworks of Murano.

The rambunctious and loud bustle of Cairo might be jarring, but beneath the layer of beige sand lies fascinating historical landmarks that commemorate centuries of historic legacy. One can start the sightseeing at Bab Zuweila, the remaining southern gate of the medieval city of Al-Qahira. Visitors can climb up the ramparts to view intriguing exhibits about the gate's history. Those climbing the minarets atop the gate will also find nice views of the city. From here, tourists can check out the Khan al-Khalili, the traditional marketplace where one can find various products from soap products, semiprecious stones, gold, coppers, and different types of spices.

There is also the Egyptian Museum to explore, which features one of the world's most significant collections of ancient artefacts such as Tutankhamun's treasures, jewellery, eating bowls, and other fascinating relics. The Museum of Islamic Art additionally makes an unforgettable sight, with its various items such as the Ayyubid bowl showing Mary holding a wounded Christ, illuminated Qurans, beautiful carpets, astrolabes, and more.

Turkmenistan, notably the most mysterious in Central Asia, is one of the countries to visit for a long haul destination from Eritrea. One will find here the Mausoleum of Sultan Sanjar, which commemorates the life of the grandson of Alp-Arslan. From here, tourists can then venture to the National Museum where one can find a multitude of artefacts that let one have a glimpse of the ancient history of the city. Tourists must also venture to the Carpet Museum, a large structure with a white marble facade. Although the entrance ticket can be costly, those interested to learn more about this handicraft of the Turkmen will find the visit a treat. One will find here the world's largest handwoven rug, among many other fascinating pieces of weaved carpets.

How to get out

Travellers going out of Eritrea to view other sights can schedule flights from Asmara International Airport. Airlines serving here include EgyptAir, Eritrean Airlines, Nova Airways, Qatar Airways, Sudan Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Yemenia.

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