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The Skyscanner 2014 Bloscars Travel Award: the Singapore winner!

Find out who will represent Singapore at the International Stage of the Competition!

The Singapore Skyscanner 2014 Bloscars Travel Award winner is …. Travel and Beyond.

(Click on their photo below to view their profile page)

Check out the other 9 Singapore finalists that Travel and Beyond competed against:




No Foreign Lands


The Occasional Traveller



Skyscanner assessed each blog against the following criteria and ranked them between 1 and 10 accordingly*:

– Best Looking! (Looks of blog. Use of visual design)

– Best Story Teller! (Story telling techniques. Quality of writing / video narrative / photo use)

– Most Useful! (Usefulness. Can I take this with me and use it, practical and inspirational)

– Most Original! (Originality. Has this been seen before)

– Best Individual Performance! (personality of the blogger / is it personal)

– Best Bloscar Profile Page! (Bloggers profile page)

*Skyscanner votes comprise 50% of the total scores, while the rest come from the votes from the public.

The Singapore winner, Travel and Beyond will now go on to the next step of the Skyscanner 2014 Bloscars Travel Award and will compete against the finalists from countries all over the world. In addition, they will be participating in the APAC Bloscars Regional Event where they will accept the award and mingle with other country winners across Asia Pacific.

In Step 3, Skyscanner will assess the finalists according to another set of criteria. The blog which is ranked highest will be the winner of the international competition. The winner will be announced on the Skyscanner website on 24 March 2014 and will be entitled to receive a prize of 4000 SGD worth of travel vouchers.

So check back to see the finalists from all over the world, who will compete with the Singapore winner to win the Skyscanner 2014 Bloscars Travel Award!

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