Shanghai Airport (PVG) car rental information

Rental companies may charge extra for drivers aged under 25, normally payable when you pick up your car. Age restrictions may apply in certain locations. Check the rental company's website before booking.

###Car Hire at Shanghai Pudong International Airport This information is correct as of June 2015

Shanghai is home to Yu Garden, Oriental Pearl Tower, and Shanghai French Concession, to name a few. Get in Shanghai, China via Shanghai Pudong International Airport. Skyscanner provides a way to get around Shanghai straight from the airport through its car rental services.

###Where to hire a car at Shanghai Pudong International Airport The car rental companies that operate from Shanghai Pudong International Airport are Avis and Tong Ye Car Rental. We recommend to inquire first to learn more about these providers. Always ask when unsure and take care of the car like its yours.

###What to expect when hiring a car from Shanghai Pudong International Airport When driving around Shanghai, getting around by car is not the best option since it has a very complex road system and bad congestion. Also, it can be hard to find parking spaces throughout the areas. Driving is to be avoided if you can. However, if needed, Shanghai works as a major hub for the country’s expressway network. Its roads include G2 Beijing–Shanghai Expressway; G15 Shenyang–Haikou; G40 Shanghai–Xi'an; G50 Shanghai–Chongqing; G60 Shanghai–Kunming; and G1501 Shanghai Ring Expressway. It also has a good number of municipal expressways that have S as their prefix, such as S1, S2, S20 and more. Additionally, when intending to drive around, it is tricky for international visitors to visit the mainland area since to be able to drive within China, you need a Chinese licence since driving with an International Driver’s Permit or IDP is not possible in mainland China.

###Driving around Shanghai Pudong International Airport Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province, offers destinations like Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum, and the Presidential Palace, to name a few. The roads the serve the capital include expressways like G25 Changchun–Shenzhen Expressway; G36 Nanjing–Luoyang Expressway; G40 Shanghai–Xi'an Expressway; G42 Shanghai–Chengdu Expressway; G4211 Nanjing–Wuhu Expressway; S55 Nanjing–Gaochun Expressway; S38 Yanjiang Expressway; and G2501 Nanjing Ring Expressway. Among the national highways that serve the area are China National Highway 104, China National Highway 205, China National Highway 312, and lastly, China National Highway 328. Nanjing serves as an important regional hub in the Yangtze River Delta and is well-connected to approximately 60 state and provincial highways throughout the country.

###Getting to your destination When going around the nearby cities or towns from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, some great stops include Jiaxing, Suzhou, and Nantong, to name a few. Provided below are quick overview of how to drive through the streets within the area.

As a prefecture-level city, Jiaxing is located towards the northern part of Zhejiang province. The city can be divided into a number of subdivisions like Nanhu District, Xiuzhou District, Jiashan District, and more.

Driving to Jiaxing from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, get to S32申嘉湖高速/S32 after 1.8 kilometres or three minutes. Reach 07省道/202省道/S07/S202 in 嘉兴秀洲区, by going down S32 and S12, then take exit S202/嘉兴/王江泾 from S12申嘉湖高速/S12, this will take around 119 kilometres or an hour 20 minutes. Reach the destination by going down for an additional 11. 3 kilometres on S07/S202.

Suzhou is a major city northwest of Shanghai. It’s main sights include the Classical Gardens, Tiger Hill, and Hanshan Temple, to name a few.

From Shanghai Pudong International Airport, get on S32申嘉湖高速/S32 for 1.8 kilometres and then go down G15, S26 and S58 to reach 干将西路 in 苏州姑苏区, then take exit to 干将路/金门路 from 西环路高架 for 163 kilometres or an hour and 50 minutes. Drive for another 1.1 kilometres or two minutes to reach Suzhou. Total travel time is approximately an hour and 54 minutes or 166 kilometres in total distance covered. Please be advised that some roads can have tolls.

Nantong is a prefecture-level city and can be found within Jiangsu, in China. It is known for sites like Langshan or Wolf Hill, among others. Nantong can be reached from Shanghai Pudong International Airport, just get to S1迎宾高速/S1, get down G40 to reach 通沪大道 in 南通崇川区. Exit at 南通(东)/G15/苏通大桥/上海 from G40沪陕高速/G40 for approximately 167 kilometres or one hour and 489 kilometres. After 10.8 kilometres get to Nantong.

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