Author: Stephanie Charamnac

Top 6 champagne brunch spots in Singapore

When you pair a gourmet buffet with free-flowing champagne, pure magic happens. Singapore is known for its array of posh champagne brunches, but with so many to choose from, where do you even start? Let Skyscanner be your guide as we uncover the best bubbly brunches in town. So grab your girls, pop the bottle and let the feasting begin!

Travel hack 101: how to score the best economy class seats

Tired of always getting stuck in the dreaded middle seat? Flying in economy can be a drag – unless you have some travel hacks up your sleeve. Check out Skyscanner’s tips and tricks for scoring the best economy class seats so you can arrive at your vacation destination as fresh as a daisy. You’ll never settle for a bad seat again!

10 Hong Kong fast food restaurants you can’t find in Singapore

Hong Kong is famous for its mouthwatering cuisine – which includes a fast food culture that is as rich and varied as the city itself. From local teahouses to cosy noodle joints, the options are endless, so join Skyscanner on a whirlwind tour of the best fast food Hong Kong has to offer!

10 late-night dining spots in Hong Kong to satisfy your cravings

Got a case of the midnight munchies? Hong Kong is abuzz with late-night dining options to soothe your hunger pangs, so don’t fret. From cosy diners to swanky rooftop lounges, Skyscanner has rounded up the best late-night restaurants to suit every fancy. Bon appetit!

Jet lag? 10 useful tips for the next time you fly

Jet lag is a frequent flyer’s worst enemy: it’s the price we pay for the convenience of travelling across time zones. Thinking about your next holiday but worried about it? What if there was a way to ease those jet lag blues? From sleep apps to special diets, Skyscanner shares our top 10 tips and tricks on how to beat jet lag.

10 unique treks in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia isn’t just about beaches and temples. Go off the beaten path with these 10 epic treks! Ready for a thrilling adventure? From active volcanoes to ancient rice terraces, Skyscanner has uncovered the most unique treks Southeast Asia has to offer. Time to put on those hiking boots and start exploring!

5 best places for desserts in Singapore that open late!

Craving a midnight treat in Singapore? Whether you’re a chocoholic, ice cream junkie or waffle enthusiast, Skyscanner‘s got just the right place for you. Time for a late-night dessert adventure!

Top 10 places to have supper in Singapore

It’s past midnight and your stomach is rumbling. Luckily, Singapore is chock full of late-night supper spots – if you know where to go. Whether you’re craving ramen, dim sum or a good old burger, you don’t have to compare flights to get an air ticket just to satisfy your cravings. Just let Skyscanner put the best late-night dining options at your fingertips.

5 health and fitness tips for the New Year

Looking to burn some fat after all the holiday binge eating? You’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re coveting killer abs or just want to lose a few pounds, here are Skyscanner’s top tips for staying healthy and fit in the New Year. No excuses this time!