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When and where to see cherry blossoms in Osaka this sakura season

Let us show you the best places to view the cherry blossoms in Osaka this sakura season. Some of our favourite spots for hanami include Osaka Castle, Kema Sakuranomiya Park and Osaka Mint!

Best times and spots to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo during sakura season 2020

Check out our guide to the best time and places to view the elusive cherry blossoms in Tokyo for the sakura season in 2020.

Best places to stay in Seoul for cherry blossom season 2020

Find out where to stay in Seoul for the cherry blossom season 2020. Our selection of handpicked guesthouses and hotels can fit all budgets and preferences!

Experience Bangkok for $200: budget travel guide

Bangkok is the raucous heart of Thailand. It’s a non-stop city pulsing with energy and with some of Asia’s best food and shopping experiences alongside tranquil parks and stunning temples. Thinking of planning a trip here during one of your school holidays? Skyscanner shows you how to get the most bang for your buck with our budget traveller’s Bangkok itinerary.

8 Cooler getaways to beat the heat

With temperatures set to rise, global travel search engine Skyscanner has compiled a list of the coolest destinations in Asia-Pacific for travellers seeking to beat the heat this year.

Best short holiday destinations from Singapore under $300

Need ideas for short holidays from Singapore? With great deals available year round, you’ll be amazed at the top destinations you can get to for under $300. You could find yourself enjoying a vacation on the edge of the desert in Jaipur, exploring snow sculptures in Sapporo or cycling round ancient temples in Siem Reap! Skyscanner shows you where to go to for short holidays from Singapore for under $300!

The 6 best New Zealand road trips you should take

Looking for an adventure? Fly to New Zealand, where space is aplenty, but natural beauty, activities and adrenaline are all close by. The best way to explore this gorgeous terrain is by road, where you can stop and have a picnic whenever you want to enjoy the great outdoors and stunning scenery of this country. Here are Skycanner’s top 6 road trip picks and car rental tips to help you plan your epic New Zealand adventure.

A first-timer’s guide to Songkran 2019, the Thai new year water festival

Come to Thailand during Songkran to see the country at its festive best. Join in the world’s biggest water fights and witness age-old rituals and traditions as the land of smiles ushers in its new year, shaking off the old and welcoming in the new. Skyscanner brings you the best first-timer’s guide to Songkran for a would-be traveller to learn a bit about the history, customs, tips on surviving the water festival, and the best places to visit during the holiday.

These six luxury airport lounges make waiting for your flight a treat.

Skyscanner knows that being stuck in an airport is not the most rewarding use of our precious travel time, even on the best of days, and having your flight delayed just exacerbates this. However, all of those negative feelings melt away the instant you are ushered into one of these amazing luxury lounges at some of the world’s busiest international airports and transit hubs. One glimpse inside and you’ll see exactly why it pays to be a member.