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Best times and spots to see cherry blossoms in Tokyo during Sakura season 2019

Thinking of visiting Tokyo for this year’s Sakura season? Cherry blossom season is on the way so now’s the time to plan your vacation to catch hanami in gorgeous parks, enjoy romantic boat rides after dark and be awed by spectacular illuminations surrounded by stunning blooming sakura. Skyscanner shows you when and where to enjoy Tokyo’s spectacular cherry blossoms this sakura season.

Best places to stay in Seoul for cherry blossom season 2019

Every April, Seoul gets painted in a beautiful hue of pink, coupled with some bright reds and white when the cherry blossoms bloom in the city. Are you set for a trip to Seoul this April 2019? Skyscanner shows your where to stay in Seoul for cherry blossom season 2019.

These six luxury airport lounges make waiting for your flight a treat.

Skyscanner knows that being stuck in an airport is not the most rewarding use of our precious travel time, even on the best of days, and having your flight delayed just exacerbates this. However, all of those negative feelings melt away the instant you are ushered into one of these amazing luxury lounges at some of the world’s busiest international airports and transit hubs. One glimpse inside and you’ll see exactly why it pays to be a member.

Best Christmas log cakes in Singapore

One log cake to yule them all this Christmas? That’s impossible! From traditional chocolate to fruit and spice infusions, here are the best log cakes of 2014. We dare you to stop at one slice.

What’s your ideal solo travel destination?

Fancy yourself a solo trip? Tell us what you want for your vacation and we’ll give you our best recommendation.

12 best places and events to visit for holiday in October

October is so chocablock with great activities all over the world, you may have trouble choosing your destination. Here is Skyscanner to the rescue, helping you plan for your long-awaited vacation and getaway. From exotic places like Greece and Spain or somewhere closer to home like Japan or China, there are plenty of destinations for you to choose from if you don’t know where to go in October.

9 Coolest hipster cafes in Hong Kong for your next getaway

Just booked your cheap air ticket to Hong Kong and now looking for the best places to get your caffeine fix while there? From big-time global coffee brands like Starbucks to small independent coffee shops, Skyscanner shares with you a list of 10 hipster cafes in Hong Kong that will put coffee connoisseurs in a state of euphoria.

Last-minute National Day Getaways

No plans for National Day weekend? There’s still time for a memorable getaway without breaking the bank. Whether you fancy a staycation or an overnight trip, there’s no shortage of fun destinations in and around Singapore. So get off that couch and start planning!

How strong is your luggage? We put them to the test

Suitcase must die! Skyscanner reviews eight suitcases in a series of punishing ‘tough tests’ to separate the hard cases from the softies. How sturdy is your suitcase really, and which is the best luggage? From the Hammer Attack to the Car Drop, find out which suitcases survived the challenge!