Author: Norina Masaki-Joyce

Japan beauty guide: where to buy cosmetics, makeup & skincare during your next holiday in Tokyo

Some of us love Korean beauty items while some of us believe Japanese skincare products are amazing, don’t we? But Tokyo is a big place, and if you’re not sure where to go for Japanese cosmetics or makeup Skyscanner is here to help you find the best places for makeup brands such as Shiseido, Kose, and more.

Hong Kong on a budget: travelling under SGD 400

On a tight budget? Don’t worry, you can still enjoy an exciting vacation in dynamic Hong Kong packed with things to see and do from trawling the night markets around Temple Street to chilling on the beach at Shek O. Get the most out of your dollar using these money-saving tips from Skyscanner for a great value holiday to Hong Kong.

Where to go for June school holidays: 18 family vacation ideas

Haven’t started your family’s June holiday planning just yet? Fear not! If you’re not sure what to do for this year’s round of school holidays, Skyscanner has a great selection of family-friendly destinations to recommend. In fact, we’ve got enough vacation ideas to cover the school holidays all year round!

Living in Japan

I first moved to Japan as an 18 year old college student who knew very little about what the country was really like. My father is Japanese, and I visited many times growing up, but moving there taught me in ways visiting never could. But while living there, I never really understood how much the country had changed me. It wasn’t until after I came back to Singapore that I realized how much of Japan I had taken home with me.

5 heavenly islands near Bali that aren’t Bali

Looking for slice of Indonesian island heaven outside Bali? Here are 5 other islands perfect for an idyllic getaway that’ll blow your mind and refresh your soul. Skyscanner introduces five gorgeous Indonesian islands for a fabulous sun-kissed vacation that will be packed with beach fun and underwater adventures!

Wanna do everything in Japan but have a limited budget?

Skyscanner contributor and traveler, Norina Masaki shares personal lessons and secrets gleaned from being a local and a backpacker in Japan.

How I survived travelling to Sri Lanka with a toddler (and had the best time of my life)

For some, the idea of travelling with a toddler sounds like a nightmare. The questions anxious parents ask themselves unscroll endlessly in their brains as the anxiety steadily increases. Logistically, how will all this work? Is it safe? Is it dangerous? What about the water? Will the time differences screw up his naps? How will he be on the flight? What if the trip is just an endless series of full-on meltdowns? But when we took our own toddler with us to Sri Lanka, none of the fears that plagued our pre-flight preparation ever surfaced. We had a dreamy time in the ancient island of Serendib, and in fact our son’s presence brought the sights sounds and tastes to life in ways we might not have even noticed had he not been there.

Where to go in March 2019?

Where to travel during the March holidays? You are spoiled for choice, but your time is limited! Never fear; Skyscanner has listed some of the best holiday destinations in March, just for you.

7 places to eat at during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

Heading to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year and worried that everything might be closed? Well, no need to worry about finding food because Skyscanner is here with a handy guide to all the good restaurants that WON’T be closing during the festive season of the Lunar New Year. Welcome the year of the dog with a happy belly!