Author: Norina Masaki-Joyce

Where to go for June school holidays: 18 family vacation ideas

Haven’t started your family’s June holiday planning just yet? Fear not! If you’re not sure what to do for this year’s round of school holidays, Skyscanner has a great selection of family-friendly destinations to recommend. In fact, we’ve got enough vacation ideas to cover the school holidays all year round!

Best holiday destinations from Singapore under $400

Travel and short getaways ain’t just for the rich kids. The rest of us can enjoy holiday fun in some of the best destinations in Asia using a little foresight, strategic thinking, and Skyscanner’s handy guide to travelling on the cheap. Take a look at five ideas for short holiday destinations from Singapore here.

Best holiday destinations from Singapore for under $500

On a budget, but have a bit of time off? With only a week to spare, did you know you can still have a big-time getaway on a small-time budget? Some of the best getaways in the world are an easy flight from Singapore, so let Skyscanner show you how these getaways are more than ideal for budget conscious travellers.

10 Hacks to make your flight delay more bearable

It’s the news every traveller dreads: "Your flight’s cancelled". You’re going to have to spend some extra time (or plenty of hours!) at the airport, but what do you do? From flight delays to flight cancellations and more, this handy Skyscanner guide will help you figure out what to do the next time your flight tracker indicates that something’s gone wrong. Here are 10 useful tips to help you kill time when your flight is cancelled or delayed:

5 bewitching versions of Halloween from around the world

It’s almost time to get your Harry Potter or Wonder Woman costumes ready for Halloween. Nearly every culture has a festival that’s similar to it, from the Festival of the Dead to the Hungry Ghost Festival. While most people these days associate Halloween with scary costumes and candy, this festival, Irish in origin is not just about pumpkin carving, but marks the time of the year when the spirits of the dead were believed to return to earth and became especially active. This tradition was not unique; in fact, cultures all over the world have similar beliefs and traditions. Here, Skyscanner has collected some of our favourites.

Where to go for your December holiday

Christmas trips are an extra special experience for families and friends, and picking the perfect destination is very important first step to ensuring that everyone has the best time. So, where shall we go this year? Take a look at Skyscanner’s compilation for your end-of year holiday.

What dreams are made of: Experience these incredible accommodations

What makes a destination a dream destination? What excites our imaginations about these far-off places? In a recent Skyscanner survey, one of the top reasons for…

12 best places to visit in September

For those looking to travel and are asking "Where to go in September?", the world is your oyster. The summer crowds have thinned out slightly, yet the weather remains gorgeous and mild in more places than one. From Koh Samui and Athens to Barcelona to Beijing, check out Skyscanner‘s vacation guide for city breaks with amazing seasons, plus the best events in September.

Top 10 year-end destinations for Singaporeans

The end of the year is closer than you think! Where are you going to celebrate Christmas and New Year to finish off your 2018? Take a look at Skyscanner’s handy guide to the top 10 destinations that Singaporeans are searching for their year-end holidays so that you can plan your dream year-end vacation right now!