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For an on-demand, chartered passenger or cargo aircraft, an air taxi is the best choice. Founded in 2005, air-taxi europe is a German airline based in Braunschweig, Southeast Lower Saxony, Germany. Air-taxi europe is the only German commercial flight operator with Reims-Cessna F406 in its fleet, namely the (S/N 007 and S/N 050). The airline’s base is the Braunschweig-Wolfsburg Airport, or simply Braunschweig Airport.

The airline fleet consists of two Diamond DA42 Twin Star (D-GAAA, D-GBBB), and two 2 Cessna F406 Caravan II (D-ICCC, D-IATE). The airline ensures that all aircraft and aircraft instruments within its fleet have been registered and fitted under the CAT I. It also does not let its fleet fly without a checking procedure. In addition, based on the AOC (Air Operator Certificate) issued to the airline, air-taxi europe is authorized to operate commercial passenger, post, and freight traffic under instrument flight conditions, in its respective aircrafts, in accordance with EU-OPS 1.

Why Fly with Air Taxi Europe

Baggage Allowance & Fees

Air-taxi europe handles different types of cargo and cargo boxes. Cargo boxes come in various sizes and also different compartment placing to maximise the aircraft’s spacious cargo hold. Compartments are divided into five categories, namely rear freight compartment, central freight compartment, and front freight compartment. The airline can accommodate freight that is within its specified width, height, and depth requirements. Rear freight compartment cargo should measure a maximum of 43cm x 35cm x 35cm in width, height, and depth; central freight compartment cargo should measure a maximum of 75cm x 43cm x 55cm in width, height, and depth; while front freight compartment cargo should measure a maximum of 95cm x 43cm x 80cm in width, height, and depth. Air-taxi europe’s maximum external dimension measurements of packages are 100cm x 100cm x 20cm in width, height, and depth; while maximum length measurements of packages should be at 205cm x 35cm x 35cm, in width, height, and depth. Air-taxi europe is authorized and qualified to handle and carry sensitive cargo such as hazardous or flammable materials and goods (dangerous goods E11), and also to transport living human organs for organ transportation, under legal regulations and in compliance with IATA and ICAO regulations.


Air-taxi Europe’s fleet can carry three to nine passengers, along with one to two crew members, depending on the aircraft. When need be, the cabin can also be transformed into a cargo hold that is spacious enough to fit eight packages of 65cm x 40cm x 30 cm, or 24 packages of 50cm x 40cm x 12cm, as an example. The cargo hold can be transformed by tilting back the rear passenger seat backrests, which then lets for a three-part cargo compartment divided to fit the front, which is located directly behind the pilot’s seat, followed by the central and rear compartments, towards the end of the aircraft. Air-taxi europe is also more than pleased to fly freight to the destination on several aircrafts in an event when the number of packages to be transported exceed the maximum

Inflight Food

During your flight with air-taxi europe, drinks, along with light snacks may be provided. The airline also meets specific requests for special catering services, if need be.

Where We Fly

The airline flies charter flights to all airports covered and under the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) for EUR or European region, with the only limitations being time, runway availability and suitability, as well as weather.

Why Fly with Us

The aircrafts within air-taxi europe’s fleet include the four aircraft, divided into two Diamond DA42 Twin Star (D-GAAA, D-GBBB), and two 2 Cessna F406 Caravan II (D-ICCC, D-IATE). Its D-GAAA and D-GBBB aircrafts both have a passenger capacity of three, with a payload of 300 kilograms, range of 2.200 km, cruise speed of 300 kilometres per hour, and a crew of one or two commercial pilots. The D-ICCC and D-IATE aircrafts on the other hand, have nine available passenger seats, with a payload of 1.542 kilograms, euro-palette of up to 600 kilograms, cruise speed of 240 kt TAS, range of 600 Nm to 1.800 Nm, and a crew of one or two commercial pilots.

Bus Transfer

To ensure that its passengers feel at home and are comfortable, Air-taxi europe also organises hired cars and taxis to aid with hotel transfers and to save you time, as well as to make your trip as pleasant as it can be.

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