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Booking queries

Skyscanner doesn’t sell any tickets or operate any flights, so if you have a question about a booking you’ve made, or are planning to make, you should contact your airline or travel agent. This includes queries about completing a booking, making a payment, booking confirmations, changes and cancellations, seat reservations, luggage, travel advice, and what you can take with you on the plane. Find out how to contact your airline.

Looking for a quote?

Flight availability and prices change very quickly, so we don’t provide quotes or bookings by email. When you search for your flight on Skyscanner, we’ll show you the options available at that time. Check out our search tips to find out how to find the best flight for you. We’re always working to make our search results the best available, so if you can’t find any flights for a particular airline or route, let us know using the form below, and our team will investigate.

Found a problem?

We know that sometimes things do go wrong, so if you’ve found something that doesn’t look like it’s working properly, or if you’ve seen an inaccurate price please let us know using the form below. We’ll get our engineers on the case straight away. We can’t reply to every message, but we investigate them all thoroughly, so the more information you’re able to give us about what you were doing when you found the problem, the better!

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